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November 6, 2021

Welcome to another edition of the Uplift World BLDRZ article series, where we feature projects, individuals, and teams working within and across the many regions of the Uplift World on the path to carve out their metaversal home.

For this one we will be jumping into the thick of it with Jumbie Art, a team of artists from Las Vegas led by the spectral visionary behind all the digital wizardry, Jumbie.  It’s a lot to unpack, but luckily we were fortunate to get an audience with TerraMike of the Jumbie Art team to break it all down for us in the most simple and uplift perspective based terms.

“Starting with the launch of ‘The Bootleg Kids Series: War Stars One’ by Topps Sketch Artist Toofless in February, our foray into the world of NFTs on WAX lead us to The Uplift World. Coming across this project utilizing Minecraft to monetize gameplay with land ownership on blockchain technology, I pretty much fell out of my chair.

Having been a Guild Leader in a World of Warcraft raiding guild on a competitive server across multiple expansions, I have years of experience living inside of a metaversal world with markets and in-game currencies that tested the waters of trading in game currency for USD in the form of subscription payments and my mind instantly saw how huge the Uplift World was going to be.  The next thing I know, I’m gathering my friends and we’re buying land packs and dreaming of how this is going to change the world as we know it.

The overall design of the plot was inspired by the place I grew up in New Jersey.  On the shore of Seaside, NJ, there is a magnificent boardwalk that has carnival rides, games, prizes, night clubs and best of all, the beach.  

The plan was to recreate the look and feel of the Jersey Shore Boardwalk in The Uplift with an amusement park vibe mixed with an underground club scene designed with art experiences conjured by the amazing Las Vegas Spectral Artist; Jumbie and his team, that I am incredibly grateful to work with.

Early in the build screenshot from June

I worked on this through May and June, in my Las Vegas apartment without air conditioning due to having an entire rooftop unit needing to be replaced during covid-19 restrictions.  No easy task to get done quickly.  While there was no blood or tears that went into its construction, there was a lot of sweat LOL

There are water powered elevators taking guests to the different starting points for the attractions, as well as rails to quickly reach destinations.  High in the air is the starting point for the Log Flume.  Guests take a boat from the top and get spit out the end, into the Bumper Boat area where they can smash around or try and evade other boat smashers.  

There’s a short roller coaster that dives beneath the giant wave of water and leads to the Jumbie Art Room, which is going to be where the psychedelic art installations will appear.

The plan is to line the Boardwalk area with NFT art from all of the artists we’ve been collaborating with and give people a chance to see the physical art that is being created for digital purposes!

I’m no professional by any means but the plot has some fun features with plans to add NFTs and metacaching from artists I work with. There’s gonna be a “history of glass blowing” section, like a museum for glass artists. I’ve lined up several master glass blowers to NFT their work for the gallery.

It’s still a work in progress with changes planned for the future to keep it fresh.

As the Digital Sorcerer Supreme of the Las Vegas Art Sanctum Mothership, Jumbie is a revolutionary spectral artist that has patented a “Portal” technology which allows the display of digital art work in the physical world. The Uplift World allows us to take the experiences we create for our real world experiences and do the same thing for all of the Uplifters!  By mixing science and magic, Jumbie creates magnificent spectral art that layers enough detail to tell an entire story in a single image with the brilliant use of color and optical illusion.

The plan is to offer Portals to NFT creators and collectors as a way to display NFTs anywhere and increase the value of the digital NFT by offering a physical version, printed on a special film and backlit by an array of color changing LEDs.

We are all looking forward to watching the spectral art revolution converge with the crypto revolution to create a planetary paradigm shift that launches our species into a new age of global enlightenment.

On a personal level, I’m looking forward to seeing all of the families that are coming together in the Uplift World.  I’ve been introducing the Uplift to all of my non-crypto friends, many of which have young children who are already playing Minecraft and they all have shared the same excitement to get into the game for their children.  I often joke around that I’m a real estate agent for a digital planet called the Uplift World.  The point being, parents and their children are coming together inside the Uplift World  and it’s the children teaching parents how to walk, run, jump and build while the parents are utilizing their life experience skills to teach their children finances and business development in a way that’s never been seen before. The Uplift World is, in my opinion, a Nobel Prize caliber project that is enhancing the global population by advancing the knowledge of every generation on the planet simultaneously.

The Jumbie Mothership will house all of the Pantheons, beginning with the Elemental Series.  The Elementals are 9 feet tall by 4 feet wide Masterpieces, made up of hundreds of hours of digital divination intended to tell a visual story in each piece leading into the next and ends with the tale being told without a single word.  

The freedom that blockchain and crypto provide are super exciting, especially when you realize that you can mix these aspects with what we are doing in the real world, at the core of which is JumbieArt Events.

In fact, if  you’re reading this, then you’re invited to our NFT Portal Release party in Las Vegas on 11.11.

These will be NFTs that act as the “Ticket” of entry to the free event.  We’re trying to bring our Non-Crypto friends, family and community members together to learn how to enter this new space safely by using NFTs for Entry as a reason to create a wallet and start creating/collecting.”

An NFTportal is a patented technology designed to display digital artwork in the physical world. What does that mean? If you’ve ever created digital artwork and had it printed on a canvas, you’ll notice that there’s an entire dimension of the art that is not being diplayed with just ink. Over the passed 13 years, Jumbie has worked to patent a new way to display digital masterpieces and he is now extending the ability to display anyone’s art with a portal. With the rise of NFTs and digital art into mainstream consciousness, the ability to display your NFTs as an artist or a collector has just changed forever.

An NFT portal looks like a gigantic iPad hanging on your wall, slowly changing color to reveal all of the wonderful detail hidden in all of the different wavelengths of light.

As the colors change behind the printed image, new detail emerges, much like putting a blacklight on something and revealing something that is onlyl visable in that part of the spectrum.

A portal is a back-lit frame, made up of hundreds of LED lights, controlled by a custom coded computer chip. The art work is then printed on a special film which allows the LED lights to cause a reaction with the film as the LEDs change colors, bringing to life, any art placed in the portal.

Jumbie is a spectral art master but without the Portal, we only get to enjoy 1 color of the rainbow to view his work. As soon as you put his art in a portal, you see ALL of the colors and all of the detail that’s been hiding in the other wavelengths. Quotes emerge from the sky as the color RED is cycled, which slowly disappears as the purple wavelength comes into view, revealing another quote hidden in the paint of the car. It’s amazing to watch a FLAT image, look like its moving as the colors cycle through the visable wavelengths. Truly mindblowing to witness.

Being from the home of Hunter S. Thomspon, Jumbie has been inspired by his works over the course of his life. This Launch event is being held on the 50th Anniversary of The Rolling Stone Centerfold release in 1961.

The Launch Even on 11.11 is not only to release the “Bat Country” NFT to the world on an NFTportal, but it’s also a way to gather the members our community in order to teach them about crypto basics and NFTs. The importance of private keys and wallets, exchanges and markets will be the main focus of the event, leading up to the 11:11pm release of the Bat Country Piece.

Since we are creating a Jumbie Gallery in the Uplift, we will also be teaching people about the Metaverse and what they mean for the future of the world.

In order to attend the event, a WAX Cloud Wallet / Metamask Wallet are necessary to accept the NFT to gain access. This will allow us to hold peoples hand as they walk into the crypto world. It will also allow us to have NFT prizes to giveaway for attendees, which will hopefully grow in value over time while increasing interest in NFTs and crypto.

A percentage of the sales proceeds are going to the The Gonzo Foundation, “a non-profit organization created to promote literature, journalism and political activism through the legacy of Hunter S. Thompson. It was founded by his wife, Anita Thompson and is based at Owl Farm.

The Gonzo Foundation hosts political debates in conjunction with local Grassroots TV and after-school programs for area students. We contribute to University endowments to lighten the financial load of students going into the important profession of Journalism in a changing world. Although we are a small nonprofit, we are growing steadily with help from friends and those who loved the work of literature, journalism and the activism inspired by Hunter S. Thompson.”


Jumbie: “Grateful to be taking the art revolution to a fun new platform with a team of like minded individuals.” 

Mike: “I’m grateful to be a part of a globally paradigm shifting art and science revolution.”

Jumbie Art & Co. Connections & Socials

An example of a Jumbie Art Polygon NFTs that can actually be used as repeatable backgrounds that line up perfectly for infinity.

Super special thanks to NFTerraMike and the team for jumping on in here to tell the story of how the Jumbie Art team came to be involved in The Uplift World Metaverse.  For any others out there that may wish to have their stories or builds featured right here in our official media series remember, we have plenty of options.  All you have to do is get in touch with Jimmy D on TelegramTwitter, or Discord and let him know which Path to Featured Buildz & Events Inside Your Uplift World is right for you, and we will do our best to get those amazing creations in the cue and featured here in the most optimal way as soon as humanly possible.

And to you dear reader, as always thank you so much for stopping by our official blog and supporting all those amazing creative souls with us each and every day inside the Uplift World Metaverse.  Please don’t forget to help us showcase all the amazing things being done by liking and subscribing to the channels below and sharing this out for the world to see just how truly awesome our not-so-little blockchain based metaverse can be!!

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Contents of this article were provided by TerraMike and the rest of the Jumbie Art team and replicated here by Jimmy D.  All in game images except the first two were taken by Jimmy D.  All other images and videos were provided by TerraMike and the Jumbie Art team.  Cover image adapted by Jimmy D or a photo taken at the EDC by TerraMike.

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