The Uplift World BLDRZ: The Primordial Flow of Anyö

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November 1, 2021

Welcome to another episode featuring some of the most amazing Uplift World BLDRZ and their creations they now call home. And for what it is worth, we do have quite a special one featured today.  Actually much more than a slice of the metaverse that one project calls home, this amazing foundational build by Anders Bjork of is actually the impetus for the entire new sector known today as the Gratitude server.  And the story behind that you may be wondering, well here goes.

In the beginning there was only ‘The Old World‘, a vast Minecraft Uplift World map roughly the size of Mars centered around the Cathedral.  As the world was being prepared by those who came before to be transitioned into what has now become known as The Uplift World, beyond that one guy that just kept traveling the coastline West as per those early days welcome message, there were only a few were busy at work on the olden structures and new transport rails, the new event builds centered around early Uplift.Art releases, and in the first ever community lands about a thirty minute train ride from spawn.  One of the earliest to occupy these tiny parcels of early Uplift Community land grants was one Sir Anders Bjork, who you may know as our good friend and comrade in arms, Anyö.

In those days, it really was the wild west of the Uplift World, especially in that original community allotment.  As new communities joined, the original members became rather tight in getting their community plots and the area in general ready for when the metaverse opened to the public.  For the most part, that meant the frantic no holds barred do whatever it takes to get the build in place and hopefully someday soon have bragging rights to being the most visited place in the future Uplift.  But such was not the case with Anyö.

As others were going ballistic with their designs of grandeur, Anders for the most part disappeared underground – no one really sure what he was doing doing down there.  As time went on, occasionally we would see him pop up here or there on various streams or in the comments usually to heckle those those that were flying in the skies above and tossing random blocks of whatever their fancy into their builds.  For you see, Anders had taken it upon himself to do everything he was putting together in the strictest of self imposed survival terms.

As you may have surmised by now, at that time in this early mecca of what we now all know as the Genesis server, there were frankly no rules.  The economy did not yet exist, and the whole idea was to get as many builds by communities going that when the server opened up to more people that there was some cool stuff for people to see and interact with.  This however did cause some issues for talking points.  For example, how would all these early builds factor into a shared economy if the economy was to be survival.  All of those amazing towers built out of sea lanterns and gold potentially how have the power of completely taking the in-game economy to the level of REKT.  In the end it only made sense to make the whole world creative, and rethink the whole idea of how the economy would work.

For those flying around in the clouds above the uplifts garden of eden, there was little more than a stir with this news.  For to them the primary focus seemed to be on carving out their little piece of the server in the image that most suited them, their project, and their community.  Build, build, build seemed to be the mantra, and what was to come of it later could be dealt with at that point.  Anders however was a bit disgruntled, and understandably so.

For Anders the journey was the important bit.  The game as it was intended to be played deserved the time it took to go deep below the soil with all its toil and mine, procure, and fight tooth and nail for every single block that would form the basis for the pyramid and then some at the top.  Some might even say Anders when a little overboard in that not only did he manicure everything above the ground to be unified in its display, but below as well.  In fact, still to this day if you head beneath the soil and think about the toil that must have been getting all of those blocks in pretty much every part of the build unified into the same elemental stone the amount of time that Anders and his team put in to get this build out in its perfect conception is truly remarkable.

Regardless, the decision was made and Anders had no choice but to bite the bullet and realize that he was a survivalist in a creatives world.  Try as he might, Anders just couldn’t seem to shake the feeling that this was not right, even to the point of full well knowing that there was little he could do to change his plight.  However, around about the same time as all this was going down, the Uplift team had begun entertaining the idea of multiple worlds.  You see, the early world was so vast and would take so long to get anywhere from the spawn point that the team had begun to question whether or not this was truly the way.  By this point that initial communal area was pretty much all allotted out and interest by other early communities was not slowing down.

In the works was already the idea to carve out a secondary community allotment in another area, which was all fine and dandy in concept, but what if there really was a better way.  Flying around the world to Anders dismay, one thing that we realized was that really there was so much going on even in these early times that the rendering was a little less than optimal.  Thinking about this not to mention the vast distances that needed to be travelled to get to all the sectors that would soon make up the world, the answer now seemed clear – The world of one would be become broken up into many and linked into a giant network of worlds that could tailor towards different projects and different audiences – and looking back in retrospect in all that has happened since, this was clearly the way.

In the end this whole reengineering of the concept offered for the perfect opportunity to troubleshoot an old debate and offer even more to those that were moving into the Uplift World.  Now instead of world map, there would be three, er wait, add Chik’in Ka’ah, so four, and as you are already aware from Through the Looking Glass Into the Uplift Metaverse Worlds, over time, many more.  The important factor to note however is this, we could now divide the metaverse into both creative and survival worlds focused on differing attributes which you can easily see the benefits of today.

Of course there was a plethora of interest in people now seeing the merit of the survival world, but from those olden days only one that could be 100% percent truly verified as authentically survival.  It was in this way a world based on the principles of survival was born, and the first inhabitant of this world was Anders and his gargantuan water pyramid of dedication in the face of a path that could have been far more easy, but in the end nothing comparable to the grit and tenacity that is displayed in the first ever official survival world of The Uplift World Metaverse which in a way exists in no small part because of his early presence in the world the community was working through together.

Of course Anders story begins quite a bit before the Uplift World, pretty much 3 years earlier with the first purchase of crypto back in 2016 to be precise.  In a way, since diving in, Anders has been full on when it comes to providing value to the aspects of the space that he is involved in, whether it be by working alongside the the team at sw/eden or pushing out educational content on WAX and other blockchain NFT’s and games on his personal homepage and other media channels.

In a way Anders is involved with two very different sides of blockchain applications, the infrastructure and the marketing.  With sw/eden, Anders and his team have been dedicated to running infrastructure for many blockchains across the world.

We started with EOS where we launched the first ever community testnet, ended up producing the first live block on the EOS blockchain once Mainnet launched and have been providing public and accessible history API’s ever since. Today we are present in many more blockchains but keep our core focus on providing the highest quality of hardware and tech setups with public and free API endpoints for anyone.

On the media side of things, Anyö has become a name that many people, especially in WAX have come to know.  Being one of the earliest in the space to recognize the necessity for blockchain collectibles, decentralized gaming economies, and the power of WAX when it comes NFT’s, Anders has been educating and increasingly pushing boundaries with his own releases and groundbreaking new focal and implementation strategies to find a balance between getting the most content out in the space while making it worthwhile for the time dedicated to doing such.  Don’t believe us? Well, simply research what Anders did with his ‘slices’ and you’ll see we are not messing about when it comes to throwing out praise.

As most who find the space, those that dive in at a deeper level with the motivation to make blockchain a focal point in their lives, there is an appeal that is at its core, life-changing.  For Anders, the near instant transactions of values across all borders with a layer of trust is what makes this new technology and space both so very important and exciting.

It enables so many fun things like digital assets, games, financial services, shopping and tons of innovations around these topics. For sure one of the most exciting areas is NFTs, the potential and real world adoption is really endless. 

Now, if being an NFT project based on the WAX blockchain was not enough to garner the attention of Anders, the concept of a metaverse enabling a place in the crypto inclined space for those a part of the grand picture being built by  was the impetus for what we now see as the grand plan.

Back at the inception, I strongly believe in utilizing existing games and building plugins for blockchain to create awesome gaming experience together with the fantastic capabilities of blockchain for the economical layers such as land, tools, weapons, tokens and much more.

The surface of the plot is actually quite elaborate in its design consisting of primarily a walled off garden type structure surrounding with the gigantic pyramid at the center.

Being a survival world, to get a grand view of the surface one has to literally make the climb.



You might not know it from stumbling onto the plot at first, but specifically, the goal  to build a place for users to come and explore, and be able to spend many hours without fully exploring every corner of the area, was the impetus for building out a huge fun area, where everything is at large scale vast underground ecosystem that goes down all the way to the bedrock.

To get beyond albeit in its own right quite a beautiful design on the clearly visible plot surface, one needs to make their way into the pyramid through the grand entrance lit up with giant chandeliers and lined with torches to keep the dangerous mobs at bay.

From within the pyramid the wonders await, especially if you keep in mind not only were all of these blocks removed one by one, but then solidified in place to form the unified block layout found out in all the surfaces visible to eye.

Through the many different tunnels and passageways, one can meander for days upon end through all that has been created.  Tread carefully though, as although there are some areas that are bright, there are also many without light that if not careful, the aggressive mobs within may very well give you a fright.

Through the caverns designed with love…

… into the underground farms designed to feed those while working above…


… the entire brevity and scope of what now exists will truly excite and blow your mind.  For the multiplication of layer upon layer there to explore truly will bring you to a new level of appreciation for scope about what it takes to create a standard worth visiting in a survival based minecraft world.

Now if that were not enough, the other beauty of the Uplift World is the amalgamation of NFT’s into the very core of what this metaverse is capable of. And with that of course comes a whole new process of gamification through experience to entice the partaking of rewards that are baked into the concept of this Play2Earn endeavor in which we all are taking part.

We have just had a big event for the community on the Gratitude server which involved people exploring my and others land to find hidden signs and corners for a chance of NFTs, and in my case specifically, a chance at an actual real live land plot right next to my pyramid. One of the tasks was to create a sweet postcard based on my plot, here are some of the entries. 

And as amazing as this whole endeavor by Anders and team may already appear, in reality this is still super early days and just the beginning.  Not only has Anders assured us and the community at large that there will be plenty more events for people to have a chance of getting some sweet NFTs, but one need only remember that up until this point the Gratitude sector is an anomaly unto itself in that only a small number of communities have been able to build out their plots in preparation for other lots of land going onto the market.

Be that as it may this is all about to change. The beginning of November in fact will mark not only Phase One of the very first ever Estate Sale in The Uplift World, but also the very first time that land and rail are up for grabs in Gratitude.  This means that the benefits the other sectors of the metaverse have been experiencing such as active rewards for in world play and the ability to actually have land for private individuals available for primary and secondary market purchases will be amalgamated into this very first of the Uplift survival worlds too. And although far from the only community plot that has been hard at work building in anticipation for this, it is easy to see why some might say that the build by Anyö and his team at 1700, 1700 right next to Gratitude spawn really in some iconic way really is ‘The Heart of the Land’.

And as grateful as Anders might be for “Jimmy D reaching out to me” to get this iconic story and beautiful part of Uplift history out there for all to see, the Uplift in all its forms even pre-Uplift World is grateful for all the love, support, assistance, and aid Anders has given us along to where we are today.  For it is no understatement to note that Anders has been an integral part of a variety of facets in what our organization has become, from way back when some of our first events such as the ‘Burning Ma”am’ were auctioned off for charitable means and a variety of other things were happening behind the scenes not only the world, but helping out of his gratitude based heart and soul whenever he could with the creative philanthropic arm of Uplift.Art what seems so very far way back in the day.  Add to this a variety of support streams showcasing theUplift.World since the early days, and it’s easy to see just why despite all the gruff we give him now and again, we really do appreciate all that he has accomplished in our world and done in our historical journey forward.

Now on the verge of something which will ultimately transform the course of how people view and interact with the Uplift World’s Gratitude sector, we can honestly say with open arms that in a strange sort of way, the Uplift is what it is today due to early believers and community adopters such as Anders that helped shape and spawn this metaverse that so very many now call home.  And although very shortly Phase 1 of the GratitudeEstate Sale will be underway, it is our pleasure to have the likes of Anders and all he has done in the early days of Gratitude solidified in the ethos of what collectively this amazing first official of the survival sectors has begun.

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As for your personal builds, we are always open to submissions in various forms to showcase all those unique and amazing things being done of within your personalized regions of our shared metaversal existence.  For more on this, please be sure to check out The Path to Featured Buildz & Events Inside Your Uplift World to get in touch with all the dynamic possibilities for you to display and interact with the rest of us.  And feel free to reach out to Jimmy D on TelegramTwitter, or Discord anytime for assistance on putting whichever best suits your preferred vantage point into motion.  In the meantime, thank you for dropping on into our official blog and if you happened to enjoy this piece and all the others, please do like and share this out so that we can show the world at large just how amazing this collective place we call home truly is.

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Note: Article curated by Jimmy D from images provided by Anders Bjork of Image sources vary between those provided by Anders and those provided by the Uplift’s very own Gary the Architect (*).


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