UpLuft’s Monolithic Out of This World Sword

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March 16, 2022

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Riding the rails in UpLuft the other day when…

Having grown up in the ’80’s and an avid fan like many of animated power swords of Saturday morning cartoons, at first glance the rounded shape of the hilt and central eye took my mind straight to Lion-O’s Sword of Omens pictured in the epic Thunder Cats into and series.

Of course upon closer inspection there are some key differences such as the diamond studded blade and extended hilt base, but even then, I was pretty glad to have had my memory jogged to slide down memory lane with the original intro and a plethora of Thunder Cats content both old and new.  It has been far too long indeed.  Eventually though, I got back to The Uplift World metaverse to more thoroughly check out this amazing gigantuan UpLuft sword at 1700, 2050.

The scope of this thing is is amazingly spectacular.
Pretty amazing vantage points from within the surrounding jungle’s breadth
Standing on the rim of the circular basin that surrounds it, clear this survival monument took some heroic thought.
Peering down into the basin that surrounds it, the combination of stone, flowing water, and greenery has an element all its own.
Really such a cool place to have jumped off the rail and wonder about!
The lava flow within the blades is a pretty spectacular night time sight to see.
As is the the backdrop of the stars and reflection on the glass from the glass track covering above.
A beautiful sunrise afar from beyond the hilt
A true testament to skill for those involved in this incredibly fascinating design and build.

Still not sure what exactly if anything this sword is based off of, but it was a nice trip down memory lane for this ’80’s kid as I jumped from animation to animation in an effort to find out.  It truly is amazing how much the metaverse can interact with the our personalized memories and connect past histories and future aspirations to our realities.  And in the case of giant sword builds, Excalibur being showcased just off of Londom‘s spawn as featured in Oh, the Londom Places You’ll See!! in combination with this one gets me kinda excited for the next giant sword I’ll come across in this or any other region of The Uplift World Metaverse.

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*Article and associated images published by Jimmy D

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