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January 21, 2022

“Most everyone has heard some variation of the phrase ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’.  Its familiarity lends to its ability to strike a chord within all of us.  Life presents itself with many challenges.  Challenges are opportunities to better ourselves.  Opportunities to fail and learn from these failures to evolve into a better person and ultimately a better society.  

Efficient navigation of challenges requires focus.  Focus on your purpose, the goal and light at the end of the tunnel, to provide the motivation to get through the challenge and come out of the tunnel on the other side a better person.  

The artwork is created from a photograph that I took in Asheville NC along the Blue Ridge Parkway.  There are 26 tunnels along the parkway, 25 of them are in North Carolina near Asheville!  This particular tunnel, the Tanbark Ridge Tunnel, can be found at milepost 374.4.  This particular tunnel is 780 feet long and ranges from 14’1” in height to 19’5”.

Parkway tunnels are a significant design feature along this historic route. Twenty-five of the twenty-six tunnels along the Parkway are in North Carolina, with all Parkway tunnels representing 36% of the entire National Park Service tunnel inventory. Tunnels along the Parkway were often constructed to reduce excessive scarring that open cuts would entail, enabling the Parkway to cross through ridges in the interest of maintaining the most desirable route location. The distinctive stone masonry portals on most Parkway tunnels were generally not part of the original construction and were added later in the 1950s and 1960s.

The Tunnel Exhibit has eight (8) tunnels.  And, you may find others scattered about the metaverse.  Every tunnel is different, signifying different challenges that we face through life.

I believe that everyday is an opportunity to be better.  An opportunity to learn.  If you can’t reflect back on yourself and think, “… wow, how stupid I was a year ago, .. “, then you must not have learned much in the last year.  To be better we must learn and challenge ourselves.  We must go through the tunnel.  TheMTBER!

The Tunnel Exhibit is live at The Vine Galleria (Growing through the metaverse).  Located in The Uplift, Genesis 4300, 2050.”


TheMTBER has been setting standards across the board with his phenomenal metaversal gallery and other builds right here at The Uplift World.  We definitely recommend that you like and subscribe to his Twitter and check out The Maul Gallery, a dedication through fan art to all things Star Wars.  And as always don’t forget, whatever has been represented in simple images here will be exponentiated when viewed live in the blocks at The Vine Gallery alongside all the other exhibits that accompany this fascinating Through the Tunnel metaversal viewing and thought experience.

The UpLifters Lenz: The Maul Gallery


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*Article body and images 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7 attributed to TheMTBER, with organization, remaining images, and publication completed by Jimmy D.

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