May 11, 2022

Out and About in UpLuft

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Took a trip on over to UpLuft area aprox 750, 750 to pick up some rail donated by Gkid for the Gratitude SkyRail build.  Having last left off at 800, 1950 UpLuft for The Fisherman’s Wharf supply run and the last Round About Impressions feature, by way of the map I made my way casually north to wander about and see what there was to see.  And quite a bit as it turned out!

How peculiar it was the first thing of note that got me to think was this pirate ship with what appeared to be the ONE PIECE flag on the sail docked at 650, 1550.  Of course I was curious and just had to take a closer look.

Not too far past the tracks I cam across what appeared to be a temple of sorts at 600, 1400 that offered some rather quaint little sunset views.

Continuing north after making my way to the 750 parallel, this modern yacht at 750, 1050 was a nice little surprise as I have yet to see one of these in metaverse untill now. Seemed like as good a place as any to wait for day break while having a look around.

From there it wasn’t long till I reached the 750, 750 area I was seeking.  Pretty cool little area in the making with a number of builds underway such as the cornerstone aquarium (750, 700) and clock tower (700, 750).

A little ways away at 600, 750 there is a cool little residence perched high above the canyon on the cliff side with excellent interior details and rooftop views.

Being reminded at the door by ‘A Gkid Build’ why I’m here, thought I’d best head back round to the 750, 750 plot and pick up that rail.  Luckily Gkid made it really easy to find.

To the east with lava pouring from the sky-bound turrets, how could I resist a closer look at the 800, 750 plot next door?!

Continuing the journey north on a mission to find some rail to take me back towards spawn, I stumbled across this quite unique sky birch farm at 700, 550 just south of the rail.

Although I was about to head upon my way, to the east I could make out what appeared to be a shop of some sort, and being I still had a shopping list and some space in the inventory, figured I would check out what 650, 500 had to offer in terms of purchasable goods.  As it turned out, it was a pretty cool place to wander about in its own right complete with some pretty fine detail on multiple levels and even a small outdoor aquarium wall, which we all know by now I just have to take a swim to get those underwater refractive shots I’m so mesmerized by!

Coming out the other side of The Shop a giant glasslike tower loomed in the distance at 550, 500 which actually turned out to be a massive dome filled with water and all sorts of plant life calling out for another swim.

Headed south from the crossrail at 500, 500, the humble little abode and adjacent grounds at 450, 700 just begged for a walk about.

Once more on the rail and headed south coming across this gigantic cherry blossom tree at 500, 900 and adjacent temple at 550, 900 things finally started to look familiar again, although a lot had seemingly changed since my last visit to the area when covering the many temples found scattered with Uplift land in the When In the Land of the Rising Sun feature earlier this year.  Having just come out of cherry blossom season in fact, it only seemed fitting to meander about once again.

And across the way as luck would have it something I had been trying to get back to for a while now, the Star Wars AT-AT at 450, 950 towering over a small little cabin below.


And with the sun about to depart for the evening, it only seemed fitting to try try to end the day in awe back over at the cherry blossomed temple and reflect upon what an amazing journey this haphazard little rail pick up journey set in motion by the generosity of Gkid had been.

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*Article and images by Jimmy D

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