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March 26, 2022

Next to The Rocket Gallery in Genesis a new type of exhibit has just wrapped up its 6 month installation journey.  The concept was simple: the work of four artists combined over time in their representations of the 4 elements of earth, fire, water, and air with a special finale denoting a secret artists rendition of all gathered together in a culmination art piece representing the destruction of evil.

The exhibit at 3550, 3100 Genesis itself consists of an immersive experience allowing for visitors to interact with not only the art, but the canvas of space that is the gallery itself.  Set inside a giant cube suspended high up in the sky, the collection offers a variety of vantage points to wander and explore the art from.  The Uplift World being the metaverse that it is moving through scheduled time alongside the sun, moon, and stars that track it, the perspective of perception depends entirely upon the observers timing and angle of view.  That said, much thought did go into the design of the gallery by Swedish Gold to diversify away from the traditional back lit art that is common place throughout the metaverse.  Well worth taking a pause to make a point to check experience the brightness and shade affects of depth and motion on the larger exterior structure dependent upon weather and time of day.

Of course the perception of art is a rather personal affair, but as the best museum curators the world abound would tell you, imbuing experience with the subtleness of the artists inspiration, process, and backdrop of all the other creative ambition tied up within any given work surely enables another whole level of participatory understanding in the bringing the value of canvas to each and every observing mind.  And so with that in mind, we have reached out to each and every of the 4 element artists to get the backstory on this particular fascinating metaversal exhibit.

Joe Chiappetta

No stranger to neither The Uplift World nor The Rocket Gallery, Joe Chiappetta of ArtVndngMchn was the first feature in this collaborative series with his rendition of element pieces. This painting series derived from a short story sci-fi spiritual story ‘The Parable of the 5 Elements’ written by Joe can actually be read itself over in Gratitude as part of the ArtVndngMchn Amusement Park experience.

“Related, but different works from this multifaceted art series series spread across both The Rocket Gallery and ArtVndngMchn Amusement Park just makes for more fun and surprises involving other artists into the mix.”

“It is definitely a breathtaking viewing experience. You won’t see anything like it in the whole metaverse. Art displayed on cubes is nothing new, but art on cubes in a 3D virtual environment tied to NFTs is something that I am happy to pioneer in, along with The Rocket Gallery. Overall it was a very engaging experience. Rarely did it actually feel like work. We were just having fun communicating the grandness of our time.”

“I’m so very grateful to God, who made all the elements!”

Joe Salazar

The second phase of the 5th Element project comes to us in the form of plasticine paintings on canvas representing the 4 elements by Brazilian visual artist, illustrator, and songwriter João Salazar.

“My idea was to create a playful place, where the elements would build the landscape of their own kingdoms, considering the characteristics and phenomena of nature related to the element. What I liked the most about the creation of these pieces was to unfold the characteristics in about such things as blue for water and red for fire. It’s interesting when you have to create within a limit like this… unfolding something without losing the central idea.”

“It’s always amazing to see spaces like this, a virtual space, which in my case received art made with modeling clay, a super plastic material that brings a tactile idea to the work. In short, it was very interesting to see this contrast between virtual and physical.  The architectural construction of the gallery is incredible, which helps a lot in the experience.”

“I want to thank all the people who support me and also for those who give me space, in this case I would like to thank The Rocket Gallery directly because we made a very cool partnership.”


Inspired by the four elements of earth, wind, fire, and water, Mantis set on the task of creating a group of AI art pieces that would both complement each other while at the same time fit into the other brilliant work already in the gallery by other artists.

“Part of the fun with creating art with artificial intelligence is the surprise and the process of trial, error, and improvement. You have a vision of how you want the piece to look, and the challenge is communicating that vision to the AI, while also incorporating some of the elements you may not have anticipated.”

“I absolutely love all the artists represented in The Rocket Gallery and in this exhibit, and the way the work is displayed is stunning. Andreas is always a joy to work with. So positive, supportive, and patient. He’s brought some of the best artists in the NFT space together to build something truly amazing.”

“I’m grateful to for this opportunity, as well as all the other artists who have contributed to this collaborative effort”

Cedric Fangeat

For Cedric, creating a minimalist series had been on the radar for a while, so when offered the chance to work on this project he began right away with air.  “y first idea was to work with basic geometric forms and transparency and it just worked, in my opinion, the way I had envisioned it. The rest of the element series just came as naturally as the first.”

“The process was as natural as the subject. It sounds cheesy, but I really felt in my element when creating this series. I love when I do not struggle neither for inspiration nor technically. And that was the case for this series.”

“Being at the center of an exhibition is always a very sepcial thing. Working with Andreas is a very seamless experience, and seeing his project bloom with so many beautiful and meaningful pieces of art really makes me happy. The place he offers for the community is very special indeed, and the fact that it involves him in the creative process adds to the whole experience, making it quite unique.”

“I am very grateful that Andreas reached out to me, many months ago already for my first exhibit in The Uplift World, and again for the 5th Element Exhibition. The first thing I did to thank him was to offer him one of my NFTs, which I believe will be (or is already) exposed in the gallery. That is the least I could do tho thank him for his hard work. Moreover, I am happy to have made a friend through my art and wish that our relationship will last and that we’ll do many more projects together!”

Rainbow Mosho

“In 2019 I was going through massive changes, my brain was absorbing so much information – I was 9yrs old – and for once I felt that autism was not going to be ruling my days.  My mom asked what I was.  In Science class I had been learning about the Elements and I told her I was the Elements.  She said, I do not understand.  Then I did self-portraits of myself as the Elements because I am Fire, Water, Earth, Air.  She was shocked!”

“I realized at that point that I could be whoever I wanted to be with my art. My imagination can run free and nature is the best source to create art.”

“That Super Gallery – The Fifth Element – is so impressive. The creation process is something else – the art I create is different, I must feel it. But to see what others can put together in an artistic way and with the vision of the future, it is beyond spectacular.”

“So incredibly thankful to Andreas from The Rocket Gallery and Mantis from the Flower Girls project. Without their willingness to open doors and desire to include those that can easily be missed, my art would not have been a part of this unique collection.  So professional. So creative. So aware that in this world and the world we are building, everyone – kids with disabilities – must also be a part of these important projects.  The potential for The Uplift World Metaverse is limitless. Rules have not been written and they can write their own rules and establish a new way of creating and interacting with end users.” Rainbow Mosho

Jose Luis Riquelme

With an artistic style based on horror and science fiction, The Creep‘s dark cosmic force that feeds on life bringing darkness complements the theme of an evil entity that has to be stopped by the 5 elements perfectly.

“This gallery in particular is very special, quite visually very attractive and the process of incorporating each new piece increased the enthusiasm even more.  As for my piece, I was given a lot of freedom to create the piece which is an addition that every artist appreciates. We tend to be a little rebellious when they put restrictions on our art, but this never happened in this case so I could really enjoy the work.  I want to thank Andreas and The Rocket Gallery for giving me the opportunity to be part of this project and all the artists and collectors that are part of the NFT community for supporting my art. It’s a wonderful project and I can only think that this is only the beginning within the metaverse of a future with many possibilities. May we continue to grow together in this new Web3 world !!!

Michel Doornink

Builder of immersive & empowering soundscapes,  YogiRitmo / DokuSo was the creator of the immersive soundscapes based on the frequencies corresponding to the 5 elements set in the gallery to compliment the art. “You can call it sound healing music.  As I sculpt pieces like this I often get carried away with all the fun sounds and the ambiance I am creating. ‘Pericardium’ is the protector of the heart and is tuned to the pericardium meridian frequency and fit greatly within the 5th Element Gallery.

“It was a fun and exciting experience for me. I am amazed by this project, with all the detailed and well crafted space. The pieces of art themselves look awesome. I can imagine people would be at least as amazed as me when they come to this gallery to view this amazing exhibition.  It was a fun and exciting experience for me.I’m very grateful for being part of the NFT-Community in general and come across projects like this I can participate in”

Kira Bursky

And so it came to pass that it was magic & mental health inspired filmmaker & multidisciplinary artist Kira Bursky‘s Magic Mind NFT creation of the 5th element that was the final order set to vanquish the evil entity that we all fear.

The 5th Element Gallery

Alone the elements as represented in the works of these very talented artists is exceptional.  Circling each of the smaller elemental based cubes and getting an overview of differing styles of how the elements by each artist is a rather quite profound experience.  Zooming out to the bigger picture however, all these renditions having come together in not only all elements gathered in the 5th to complete the visual story ark, but also the overall ambiance of structure and place of the gallery itself really does amplify the specialness of this very unique creation in not only The Uplift World, but the art and metaverse spaces in general.

Certainly all these renditions having come together in not only all elements gathered in the 5th to complete the visual story ark, but also the overall ambiance of structure and place of the gallery itself really does amplify the specialness of this very unique creation on a level that truly has to be experienced to appreciate fully.  And an honest hats off to the combination of everything brought together by The Rocket Gallery and collaborating artists in this most epic of gallery installs gracing The Uplift World.

To touch base with more amazing galleries dotted across our metaverse, take a variety of guided video tours over at Dao Art Worthy courtesy of The Uplift’s very own Gary the Architect.  And don’t forget to check the descriptors below those videos and check out the relevant features for each and every one of them right here on  And should you yourself be a gallery owner wishing to feature all the creativity it entails and showcase you have built in The Uplift World Metaverse, please do reach out to Jimmy D on Twitter or Discord and we will certainly do our best to make just that kind of thing happen.

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*This article and associated images was pulled together in a collaborative effort by Swedish Gold & Jimmy D.

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