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July 30, 2021

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As many of you know we here at the Uplift are pretty much all about sharing.  On one of the very first streams that Corey & Jimmy D did on theUpLifters YouTube channel, and on countless other occasions since, one appeal we hear a lot as a benefit for being involved in the Uplift World Metaverse is the fact that others will actually see the builds.  If you don’t get the reference, for clarity sake here it is again.  There are many great Minecraft builders among us, that previous to theUplift.World enjoyed building but were a tad sad that no one ever saw their builds.  For these people the fact that eventually rewards will be tuned on and players will be incentivized to wander freely has tons of appeal.

Here at the Uplift we have been actively thinking about what we can do to get as many of those builds out there as we possibly can – and we have a lot of ideas.  But as you know, we don’t really like to stand on ideas alone and prefer to wait until things have been put into motion and substance is the way before into the specifics we foray.  Not by any means at present are we ready with them all, but we do feel we have enough to put some of these things out there for the community and builders to get a gist how one might keep tabs on new and interesting builds.

Journeys Through the Uplift World Communities

Journeys in the Uplift World is one of our non-regular but extensive shows on theUpLifters YouTube channel.  The show involves representatives from some of the invited communities that have established a base around which members can  will gather, rally, and play alongside one another. Hosted by Caue Motta and Jimmy D, this show primarily focuses on the larger community projects that have been gifted plots in Genesis, Gratitude, and Thoon, what they have built, and what their plans are to involve the greater community and space at home here in The Uplift World Metaverse.  That said there will come a day where the show will most likely expand to other communities that have self organized and formed in various sectors of the Uplift World metaverse.

This then is the show for you to not only get to see and hear all the amazing things these communities have built and planned, but to learn first hand who the people behind these builds are and what they represent.  And not only that, but maybe one of our favorite parts of this series is that more often than not, we hand the reigns over to our guest and allow them the chance to lead us through all that they think and do from their personalized perspective adding one more unique and zesty twist.  For past episodes please check the Journeys Through the Uplift World Communities playlist, and to schedule a future episode please reach out to Caue Motta or Jimmy D on Telegram, Discord, or Twitter.

The Uplift World BLDRZ

Another recent addition to the Uplift World Metaverse showcase playbook is the official homepage The Uplift World BLDRZ blog.  With so many great builders full of passion and dedication to create at will of our increasingly ginormous metaversal home, we quickly realized that the days of being able to cover all these amazing buildz were long since past.  Rather than just be ok with trying our best to keep up and thinking that was good enough, we decided that maybe being a little more proactive in our collaborations for showcasing amazing Uplift buildz and their BLDRZ would be far more enlightening as an approach.  And thus The Uplift World BLDRZ blog was born.

The blog itself features a series of questions posed to builders intended to get to get bottom of who these people are, why they are here, and what interesting things they are doing in the Uplift World.  Although the focus is usually upon one specified plot, we can often see other previous and snippets of yet to be completed buildz along the way enabling even greater perspective of the sheer talent that we have attracted to our ecosystem.

Although the questions are fairly generalized and intentionally vague, the detail thus far that has been provided in text, image, and even video forms is some of the best content we could have hoped hoped for.  We encourage you all to check out our past publications and consider bringing us some submissions of your own that we can all continue to explore and enjoy.

The Uplift World BLDRZ:

Packed full of interesting tidbits both within and beyond the scope of The Uplift World itself, the product of the first of this series excites us more and more as the hours tick by.  Be sure to check these amazing posts out and for those interested in having a future feature of their very own, please do feel feel free to participate by following the links at the base of each and every post.

The Uplift World Postcards

Of the most recent ways to share amazing builds are the official Uplift World Postcards.  Although this little beauty has just been enacted, it represents the way we have found to immortalize a moment in time for all eternity on the blockchain regardless of what happens post the blockchain based NFT post card release.

The images for these come straight from those things that we find that are too good not to share.  And of course in the true spirit of all we do, what good would a blockchain mock post card be without those stamps that should never again leave a bad taste in your mouth?

Right now this addition to our showcase repertoire is representative of the Uplift World teams choice of amazing one off images.  No promises for what may or may not come in the future, but as collectors for generations have done, stacking some of your favorites away might someday bring the memories flooding back of all this early day fun.

The Peoples Choice Awards

Have we mentioned that because there is just so many amazing things going on when it comes to things people are building in the Uplift World Metaverse that it is almost impossible to keep up?  Well, one other idea that we had was to come up for a rough plan on the creation of some categories that people could nominate some of their favorite builders for to showcase all those amazing creations.

Now bear in mind this is one of those ideas in development with no real game plan thus far other than the little detailed above, but it did lead us to our next idea which is equally exciting…

Roundtalbes with the Best of the Best Uplift World Category BLDRZ

As many who follow theUpLifters know, almost without fail at the very least everyday at 9am EST Corey and Jimmy go live with one of their semi themed shows, many of which involve something Uplift related.  Three exceptions to this rule are the weekends (because everybody needs to out of the office time at least once in a while), and Thursday’s on which they air their show as part of the Cryptowriter podcast network in the form of a topical based Roundtable.

Last week was a first in that although every week without fail there is the pillar of gratitudes, from there the show stayed in the Uplift to pay homage to the panelists comprising of the Best City Builders in the Uplift Metaverse.  The panel itself was an all star cast of builders comprised of Shift City’s StealthSmiff, Ladz City’s Small Town Cowboy, Boid’s Gary, and 01 Capital’s Jochim.

Upon conclusion of this, and in consideration of just how amazingly awesome this turned out, pondering’s of future panels encompassing all shapes and sizes of potential categories began solidifying themselves into our collective mind.  Although we have yet to even set a second topic or date, little doubt exists that at the very least some rendition of this will present itself in the future on one or both of our streaming networks in the not too distant future.

And Don’t Forget All that Goodness Already in Affect…

Outlined above are the most recent things that we have implemented.  Now this doesn’t constitute all or our ideas, but it does give you an idea of where things may be headed.  We want to get as many of those builds out there as we can, and quite frankly, we are not the only ones.  Just a few of the other ways that you can see some some of the great things happening in the Uplift World…

  • Follow, like, and share our official socials located below
  • Follow our social moguls on Twitter that happen to be both tagged a lot and share a ton of posts. Oh and obviously liking and tagging these also is very appreciated (Corey, Jimmy, Nick, Sam, & Gary for a start).
  • Tune in to our broadcasts whenever you can and feel free to take and share any and all of them, even it it constitutes what you deem as the smallest most interesting parts.
  • Check the playlists below for some top notch content created by some amazing friends of ours like Thee Hussle House who have dedicated time to focus on the Uplift World, and of course share the Uplift content created even beyond our home out and about for the ultimate win-win-win
  • Keep and eye on our official blog and get word out there about all the great work our amazing BLDRZ are doing in the metaverse we have come grown to share a part in and love.
  • Keep an eye out for other independent content created by talented writers such as is the case with our friends over at Cryptowriter and share this out to benefit us all.
  • And of course, unleash those brilliant creative minds that we love and adore with all those personalized ways that you share all those amazing builds of your own and more, for in this way we can all grow as one towards completion of all our goals under the Uplift World sun…

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